DEFENCE INDUSTRY GROUP PLC /D.I.G./ is holder of a Full License for Arms Foreign Trade Business Right No.03.09-36-1/30.03.2016, granted by the Interdepartmental Council for Military Industry Complex and Mobilization Readiness to the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The employees of D.I.G. PLC are highly skilled specialists with work experience in the former Bulgarian General Engineering Office and the enterprises of the Military Industry Complex.

Main Activities: Export import of military material, weapons, munition and pyrotechnic equipments, wheeled and armoured vehicles, tanks, artillery and missiles, aircraft and helicopters, special electronics, radiolocating technics and reconnaissance equipment. Deliveries of spare parts and completion of armament, land and aviation technology repairs. Completion of production cooperations. New technologies. Know-how.

Foreign and domestic relations: D.I.G. PLC maintains active connections with the enterprises of the Military Industry Complex of Bulgaria / OPTICOELECTRON, VMZ Sopot, ARSENAL Kazanlak, ARCUS Lyaskovets, PIMA Montana, BETA Cherven Bryag, DUNARIT Rousse etc./, as well as with producers from Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. D.I.G. PLC has represented several West European companies. The company is registered under NCAGE Code 005WU of manufacturer/supplier of the NATO Codification System.

D.I.G. PLC has set up a its own wide network of agents not only on the Balkans, but in the Middle East, Central Africa, South America and Asia. In the same time companies from the UK, Germany, France, Spain, USA, New Zealand, Central and South America are contacting the company to supply them with armament and military equipment of East - European origin.

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